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Year 5/6 Curriculum Information- Autumn 2018
Year 6 Long Term Planning 2018-9


At the start of Years 5 and 6 we quickly establish our routines, structure and expectations. This year we have continued to develop our core text approach to our curriculum. This means each year group will have one book as a focus for each half term. From this book we plan opportunities for learning we think the children will enjoy. However, as we encourage enquiry based learning our plans are flexible enough to allow us to follow the interests, questions and ideas the children have. This creates an exciting half term block of learning which we all enjoy. 

This year in upper key stage two we are extremely fortunate to have one additional member of staff per class - in year 5 Mrs Hudson and Mrs Quarmby and in year 6 Mrs Tibbott and Mr Peer. This additional support allows us to teach and assess in a more proactive way. We aim to challenge our children and provide them with speedy feedback so they know how they have done and what they need to do next. This keeps all children engaged and motivated to achieve their best.

We reward our children using the Class Dojo system and this has been very popular this year. Children receive points for demonstrating their class values. These points contribute to a weekly total for both themselves and the class. From this, merits are given to individual children and Golden Time to a successful class.

As phase leader I am proud to say all adults and children in years 5 and 6 work brilliantly together as a team. We challenge, support, encourage and help each other learn. Our aim is to do the best that we can. We want school to be a safe and fun place to be. We try hard to achieve this and because we do - we enjoy our learning. 

Mr Kearns

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Welcome to Year 5 and 6

Look at our broad and balanced curriculum...

Year 5/6 Curriculum- Spring 2018

Here is what they children are learning in Spring Term.......

Year 5/6 Curriculum- Autumn 2017

Here is what the children have been learning in Autumn Term......

Band Runner : new Thinkuknow game and website for 8-10 year olds

The game features  the characters from Play it Like Share : Sam, Alfie and Ellie who continue their adventures, this time running through school and collecting stars and points, whilst children support them to make decisions online.  The game helps children to build their knowledge, confidence and skills to stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they may encounter online. 

Click on the picture to play

World Book Day March 2019

Some great costumes and an inspiring book cafe.

Bah Humbug

Year 5 and 6 did a great job of presenting 'Bah Humbug' this Christmas...

Year 5 Safety Rangers

The children in Year 5 visited Huddersfield Fire Station to complete their Safety Ranger training. Within the afternoon, they had become experts in the following fields; internet safety, fire safety and road safety and are confident at looking out for themselves and others.

Year 5 and 6 Poetry Workshops

Our visiting poet, Winston Plowes, worked with the children across UKS2 to generate ideas and create short poems using lots of fun methods. They worked so hard and became wonderful poets after such a short time.