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Paddock Junior Infant & Nursery School

Paddock Junior Infant & Nursery School

"Working together, learning together, growing together - your child, our team, Paddock achieves"

Paddock Junior Infant and Nursery School is a wonderful place to be.
There are currently 425 children on roll meaning we are almost full, Paddock Junior Infant and Nursery School is a larger than average foundation school offering primary education for children in the age range 2-11. We have a planned admission limit for each year group of 50. Nursery education is offered on a part-time basis for 52 children.

Paddock School is situated centrally to Paddock community and very close to Huddersfield town center. We are a true community school and have good links with local businesses and places of worship. We pride ourselves on having a family feel in school and extend this to our local and wider community.

Parental involvement is welcomed and actively encouraged, we hold various events over the year involving parents in activities, learning and fun. These events are always well attended. Parents, children and staff work hard to ensue they are always a success - look out for future events on our calender.